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Sheldon Potts is a character in Junie B. Jones. He first appeared in the book Junie B. Jones, One Man Band. He is best known as the crazy character with many stories, many of them about his wild Aunt Bunny who has tattoos and has been to the County Jail. He seems to be afraid of germs as seen in Junie B. Jones: Shipwrecked. In Junie B. Jones, First Grader books, he is in the same class as Junie B. but he did not appear in her kindergarten class. He is an acquaintance and sometimes a friend of Junie B., but not so much like Herb, Jose, or Lennie. He and Roger can be friends, but Sheldon showed extreme fear and disgust for him in Shipwrecked when Roger threw up in class. He is said to be in a romantic relationship with Lucille in the Easter special book.

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