May, also known as Tattletale May, or Dumb bunny May is Junie B's first grade rival. Many of the other students hate her as well. She will tattle on Junie B whenever she does something that bothers her. She has peeked in Junie B's journal and since then Junie B. was told she may not write bad things about May. May also tends to be a bully, especially in Junie B., First Grader:BOO! And I Mean It!. She also calls Junie B. "Junie Jones" which, at first, bothered Junie B but she did call her by her given name in "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (PS So Does May)" without realizing it. She has however since used "Junie Jones". Their rivalry may have decreased in said book, as Junie B. regrets giving May coal, so she switches it with the Squeez-a-Burp she intended to keep for herself. May never knew Junie B. sent the gift so they stayed rivals. In Turkeys we have Loved and Eaten, May is revealed to have her own toy elephant and while Mr. Scary hopes this will bond them, they fight over whose elephant is better.

Junie B. and May are at it again


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