Richie Lucille


5 or 6


K then 1st



Hair color


Eye color



Nanna(grandmother), mom,dad,brother,pony


Junie B Jones(former),That Grace, SheldonPotts(crush),Camille&Chenille


Tattletale May, Jim, Paulie Allen Puffer

First appearance

Junie B. Jones and the stupid smelly bus

Last appearance

Junie B., first grader: Turkeys we loved and eaten ( and other thankful stuff)

Lucille is a student at "Clarence Somebody or Other" elementary. She is the richest girl in Junie B's class. She and Junie B were in the same class in both kindergarten and first grade. They were friends in kindergarten but beginning of first grade, they don't talk anymore.


Lucille comes from a rich family. Her nanna owns a giant mansion with a lot of rooms and everything. Her nanna buys her expensive outfits and gets nails painted. She revealed she has a pony in the book "Smells Something Fishy". Her mom, dad and her brother first appeared in"Dumb Bunny" when Lucille had her egg hunt party.


=Junie B= : They first met in kindergarten. It all started out when Junie B wanted the red chair, but Lucille already took it. Junie B was mad at first but when Mrs. took the class on the tour of the building, they became friends. But beginning of first grade, Lucille befriended the twins in their class and disowned Junie B.

=That Grace=: In kindergarten, they were friends along with Junie B. They argued at times but in first grade since Grace got put in a different class, it is unknown if Lucille and Grace keep in touch or not.

=Camille and Chenille=: The twin sisters are Lucille's new bffs after disowning Junie B.

=Sheldon Potts=: In the book "Dumb Bunny" she and Sheldon fell in love. She wanted him to win the play date to swim in hot water if he found the golden egg for which case Junie B found the golden egg but let Sheldon have it.

=Handsome Warren=: In "Handsome Warren" she fell in love with the new kid from Room 8 Warren. She and Grace fought over him a lot in the story. But they didn't talk anymore towards the end.


Lucille is shown to be spoiled and always gets what she wants. She tends to brag about how rich she is.


Lucille is shown to have blond hair kept in a ponytail with bows. She wears fluffy dresses, lacy socks and nail polish.


Lucille has long blonde hair mostly seen in a ponytail with bows. She wears expensive outfits, lacy socks and painted nails.


. her favorite color is pink and red.

.she wants to be a princess or a fashion model when she grows up.

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