Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl is the 17th Junie B. Jones book and the last book featuring her as a kindergartener. This book marks the last appearance of Mrs. and many other kindergarten classmates except for Lucille, Roger, and Grace.


Junie B has her sixth birthday party with her family. She got a toolbelt. After the fun, Mother announces that she is graduating on Friday. So does Mrs. the next day at school. Room Nine made a graduation poem and the last word had yo rhyme with blue and Paulie Allen comes up with the zoo is pu. The whole class erupts with laughter and Mrs. gets mad. Junie B comes up with saying the whole poem and ending it with your feet smell like stink. Mrs sends her to the office.

In the office, she and Principal have a good talk about how silly things aren't always appropriate to say in class etc.

Junie B returns to class and the class received their caps and gowns for graduation. They are pure white and Mrs tells the class not to get them dirty. At home Mother puts it on top of the fridge even though Junie B said she won't get it dirty like a sloppy baby will.

The next day Grampa Miller let's Junie B pour her own grape juice and let's her have her cap and gown. She shows it off to her toys. And accidentally knocked over her juice causing her to soak it up with her gown. And gets stains all over it. Graduation night her class makes fun of her gown but Mrs , her parents and grandparents say she looks good in dots. To make her feel better, the class colors their gowns too.


Junie B. has just turned six and is looking forward to her kindergarten graduation, but when she accidentally stains the white gown she could not resist trying on, she is afraid graduation is ruined. Also afraid to be known as a sloppy baby.



  • This is the final book of Junie B.'s kindergarten era.
  • This is the first book where Junie B. is 6 years old.