Meanie Jim!

Jim finally admits to Junie B that he loves her.

|Row1 title= Name| |Row1 info= Jim| |Row 2 title= birthday| |row 2 info= December 1st| |row 3 title= gender| |row 3 info = male| |row 4 title= hair| | row 4 info= brown| | row 5 title= eyes| | row 5 info= blue| | row 6 title= family| |row 6 info= grandma, dad, pet rooster| |row 7 title= friends| |row 7 info= Paulie Allen Puffer, William| | row 8 title= Enemies| |row 8 info= Junie B (secretly attracted to) |row 9 title= first debut| |row 9 info = Stupid Smelly Bus| |row 10 title= last debut| |row 10 info= Graduation Girl|

Jim was an antagonist in the kindergarten series but never was seen in the first grade ones. He and Junie B would fight and call names. But in " mushy gushy valentime" he admitted he was the one who gave her that valentine and actually likes her. He still hides it though.


Jim is really obnoxious and name calls. He does things to upset Junie B which causes a fight. But in the 14th book he actually likes girls just hides it cuz he's self conscious about it.


Grandma- his grandma was seen at the grandparents day celebration in Room 9 in the book " Sneeky Peeky Spying". She tried to hug Jim but Jim wouldn't hug back so Junie B hugged her.

Dad- his dad was seen on "Stupid Smelly Bus" when dropping him off on the bus.

Pet Rooster- he brought his pet rooster for Pet Day in "Smells Something Fishy".


Paulie Allen Puffer- he and Paulie Allen Puffer are best buddies. As seen in "Peep in her Pocket", they enjoyed teasing Junie B for her fear of roosters.

Crybaby William- he was seen sometimes hanging out with Jim.

Junie B- they were worst enemies in kindergarten. They fight and call each other names. But in the book "Mushy Gushy Valentine" he admitted he likes her, just hides it. He was the one that gave her the valentine. But he didn't officially befriend her till "Graduation Girl".


  • Jim is one of three characters to have their grandma shown in the books. The others are Junie B. and Lucille.
  • In Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket, Jim still teases Junie B. despite admitting he likes her in the previous book.
    • He does not officially befriend her until Graduation Girl.
  • He is one of three boys to be attracted to Junie B., the others being Ricardo and Warren.
    • There is a possibility that Herb likes Junie B. but it is not confirmed.
  • Jim is one of the few characters to start on a bad note with Junie B. but end on a good note. The others are Oliver "Ollie" Jones, Principal.

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